Pamper Moms-to-Be With This Pregnancy-Safe Face Peel

MakenzieR on 7 May 2012 at 11:00am

During pregnancy, women gain weight and experience a slew of skin and hair changes -- all things that could make a non-pregnant woman run to the nearest salon or medi-spa. But with baby-safety in mind, women are not supposed to dye their hair, get mani/pedis, or any other chemical-based cosmetic treatment.

Thankfully plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Jeneby has created a solution for one of these issues. It's a vitamin C-based facial peel, and it has become increasingly popular for expecting Texans.

Dr. Jeneby's Signature Four Layer Face Lift costs $85 at Spa Black in San Antonio, TX.

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Did you use baby-safe beauty treatments did you use during pregnancy? Did they work? Let us know below.

Photo credit: Konrad Bąk/Deposit