It's the Pits: Stop Sweating from Dictating Your Lifestyle

A. Foley on 9 Aug 2012 at 9:00am

We always stop and take notice when new treatments receive the online equivalent of a standing ovation from reviewers. As is the case with miraDry, which seems to have enchanted the masses with its promise of ending hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating – permanently.

Imagine constantly worrying about the clothes you’re wearing, having to keep your arms down and layering shirt over shirt, all with the frustration of knowing you can't help it. Excessive sweating conditions make this a reality for nearly 8 million people in the US who, up until now, could only modify life to fit the condition, instead of modifying the condition to fit their life. For that group, miraDry claims to offer a new solution – and for community members RJ1352 and mcgirl28, the procedure was "life changing":


  • Life changing!!! Confidence back, whole new wardrobe of crazy color shirts I could never wear prior and most of all I AM COMFORTABLE. No more uncomfortable feeling of a damp shirt. It’s been 85-95 degrees here the last 2 weeks so it’s definitely been put to the test.”RJ1352
  • “This treatment truly changed my life. I have never been more confident and am able to wear what I want now. So many people have [hyperhidrosis] and have to deal with these issues every day." mcgirl28


The non-invasive treatment uses microwave energy to shrink, or even eliminate, sweat glands by delivering precisely controlled energy to the underarm region and essentially zapping the glands. Based on the 24 reviews to date, our community is all for the latest perspiration reducer, giving a 100% Worth It Rating for the $2,875 (avg. cost) treatment.

However, a few concerns have been noted as well. AZLady found other areas sweating more, writing, “The problem I am having is I now sweat from my head and back like crazy. Especially from my head.”

And NYC Lynne says, “I still have substantial sweating under my right arm…I was told that the first treatment alone works for 95% of the patients. Apparently I'm the odd woman out. I hope the second treatment does the trick and eliminates this embarrassing underarm sweating for good.”

According to RealSelf doctor, Suzanne Kilmer "Compensatory sweating after miraDry is extremely rare. Your body contains four-million sweat glands with only about two percent located in the underarms."

So, as always, do your homework, check out the expert Q&A and stories from people who have been there, done miraDry and make confident choices for you.


Has a condition like excessive sweating ever prevented you from wearing the clothes you want, or generally impacted your lifestyle? Let us know in the comments!


photo credit: sweat management