Age-Defying Mice, Starlet Surgery Talk and Other News in the Weekly Round-Up!

Princess 19 on 11 Mar 2011 at 12:00am

Face it. We all felt a sense of detrimental fear when our first gray hair appeared. Didn’t we JUST get out of college? Weren’t you carded last week? Gray hair is nature’s way of letting you know you are aging and hopefully, maturing. But, can we stop it?

From Botox to glycolic peels, we poke, scrape and do whatever it takes to stay young. Looking younger is a multi-billion dollar business. Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky, a professor at McMaster University in Ontario, recently discovered that exercise greatly reduced and even erased signs of aging in mice. His findings were published last week in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The study centered on mitochondria, a microscopic unit of a cell. They are responsible for creating fuel for cells to do their jobs. Mitochondria grow and multiply on their own and have their own separate DNA – distinct from cells where they live. Mitochondria can often mutate and cells repair those mutations. As we get older, more mutations occur and fewer repairs happen. Scientists believe the lack of healthy mitochondria is the main cause of aging. This is when hair starts to turn gray or fall out; skin loses elasticity and so on. But, enough of that science lesson!

Within the year of their study, the mice that ran 45 minutes every day had NO signs of aging – no gray hair, no muscle loss. Not one mouse in the exercise group died of natural causes. They also found that the jogging mice produced a protein (PGC-1alpha) that regulates genes involved in metabolism and creating/repairing mitochondria.

All the non-exercising mice aged and died.

Dr. Tarnopolsky and his colleagues expected a difference, but not one so distinct. He concluded, “Exercise alters the course of aging.” He also went on to say that in terms of exercise, “anything is better than nothing.” There will be further studies to help correlate how this relates to humans and anti-aging.

That’s promising news for us and the Real Housewives! Now go jump on that treadmill!

In other news…                                                      Britney Spears Out Magazine

  • Britney Spears said she would consider future plastic surgery. “When it’s time to pull and tuck, I’m sure I will consider it.” Clearly, she forgot to mention any previous, ahem, enhancements. (Out magazine
  • Amanda Seyfried admits she was already told to get Botox in the upcoming issue of Elle. "I was like, Damn you!" she said. "But we're in Hollywood. I'm on a huge screen. With these new digital cameras, you can see the peach fuzz on my face." (ABC News)
  • It was revealed that Moammar Gadhafi had plastic surgery to improve his face and hair. The strange part was that he apparently refused anesthesia for fear of being assassinated during the procedure. One does need to look their best when fighting off a revolution. (MSNBC)
  • A new study* shows that most plastics seep chemicals that mimic the hormone estrogen – especially when microwaved or washed in a dishwasher. This occurred even in BPA-free labeled plastic products. In this case, glass is good. (USA Today)
  • Anti-oxidants and retinol help crows feet!  This and other beauty skin care tips for every woman are reviewed.  Pass the blueberries, please.  (Today Show)
  • Spring is here! College students are enjoying their annual rite of passage this month in Cancun, Daytona and the like. They need to see The Top 5 (health-related) Spring Break Mistakes before they go!  Pregnancy, tattoos, and sunburn – oh my! (HealthGuru)

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Photo Credit:  flickr Pockafwye

* Published this month in the industry journal, Environmental Health Perspectives