Men's Journal Reports, "The Lunchtime Face-Lift"

A. Foley on 19 Sep 2012 at 9:00am


It's been everywhere as of late, from medical boards annual reports to the Huffington Post: more men are getting plastic surgery. In this month's issue of Men's Journal, David Browne reports on the boom of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures for the XY-chromosome group, and the growing list of treatments they are seeking.

"They were laughing at me," said Dave Graybill, a firefighter quoted in the article, about telling his coworkers of his recent stop at a cosmetic surgeon for a jaw tightening, eye lift and cheek fillers - all done in 40 minutes. "But the idea of taking the hangover of life off your body without getting all wrapped up in surgery? I thought it sounded great."

Mini Lift Before & After

According to article sources, Botox remains king among men, with new treatments like Ultherapy and CoolSculpting, as well as Botox-like dermal fillers, gradually gaining pace. The minimal recovery period, quick procedure times and lower costs are all cited as factors for favoring the non-invasive route. Not to mention the discreetness that comes with no incision marks or temporary scarring. Interestingly enough, the surge coincides with uncertainty in the job market. Men are concerned about appearing older and being less professionally secure, and are using non-invasive procedures as a means to combat it.

The article does warn though that with the perks of a smaller price tag and not "going under the knife" comes a temporary result and many require multiple treatments to maintain appearances. In the end the lesson may be, you get what you pay for.


What are your thoughts on the minimally invasive route? Have you had it done, and liked the results? Please share in the comments below!


photo credit: Dr. Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS