Could Marijuana Be Giving You Man Boobs?

JenforReal on 18 Aug 2014 at 4:00pm

MarijuanaWith the recent surge of legalizations — and new purveyors of gourmet edibles popping up left and right — marijuana is having a moment. Health critics have warned of the risks associated with overexposure, but there may be another danger at play: man boobs.

From May to July of this year, RealSelf has seen a 45% jump in consumer searches for Male Breast Reduction — a procedure that treats gynecomastia by removing breast tissue and skin.

With users clamoring for information, we decided to take a look at this budding trend, and how it may correlate to marijuana use...

Gynecomastia, in short, is the development of excess breast tissue in men, and is often referred to as ‘man boobs.’ While sometimes perceived as related to a lack of exercise, it is often caused by an imbalance of testosterone and estrogen.

More research needs to be done to measure how marijuana affects hormone levels, but the information we have thus far does suggest that those that use marijuana do have lower testosterone levels.

Board certified Nashville plastic surgeon Dr. Melinda Haws notes that some patients will deny using the substance, but then panic sets in when she reveals that marijuana is thought to be a contributing factor, saying, “It's very hard to really trace this because so many patients don't want to admit to marijuana use.”

Dr. Haws always discusses it as a possible cause — along with anabolic steroids — to educate patients on ways to prevent recurrence after surgery. Board certified Orange County surgeon  Dr. Larry Nichter also suggests that gynecomastia can recur due to marijuana use following a corrective surgery.

Curious about Male Breast Reduction surgery? Follow along with RealSelf user gyneco. The 26-year-old from Texas does not have any hormonal imbalances at play, but decided to share his story to provide encouragement for other men who are considering surgery — a topic he feels is addressed “too rarely” in society.  

RealSelf users spent an average of $5,200 on Male Breast Reduction Surgery, with 84% feeling the surgery was Worth It.

Photo via Instagram/gelicahelica