Will Marijuana Affect Your Plastic Surgery?

MakenzieR on 20 Apr 2011 at 11:00am

marijuana surgeryIf you are considering a cosmetic procedure, don't reach for that medical marijuana when the clock strikes 4:20 (the official time to light up on the unofficial holiday for marjuana users).

What our docs want you to know about Mary Jane and your surgery:

  • "Smoking tobacco or marijuana can adversely affect wound healing in any type of plastic surgery...Smoking causes decreased blood flow to the skin and soft tissues and can lead to a higher incidence of infection, poor scarring and wound healing problems." Dr. William Bruno, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
  • "It may not be as bad as smoking cigarettes, because you don't get the nicotine when smoking marijuana like you do when you smoke cigarettes, but it is still not good and may still lead to healing problems." -- Dr. Daniel P. Markmann, Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

If you've already had surgery and you're contemplating making use of that medical marijuana card, it's best to consult your own surgeon first. You should be at least 1-2 weeks post-op, depending on the procedure. 

We're curious if eating or vaporizing pot is any different...stay tuned! And remember, marijuana is still illegal in most states. But your doctor is required by law to respect your privacy, and being dishonest about usage will only hurt your surgery results. 

RealSelf does not encourage or condone the illegal use of marijuana. 
Photo credit: Neeta Lind on flickr.com