What's Making Our Hearts Swell Today?

MakenzieR on 14 Feb 2012 at 11:40am

What's making our hearts swell today?

You. We've been receiving many kind words from our community, and wanted to share them with all of you who make RealSelf what it is. 

Our mission is to provide the most trusted community for making confident choices, and the heart-warming comments below tell us that we are on the right path. Virtual group hug!

  • “That’s what being a part of RealSelf is all about. Encouragement. Hope, dreams, empowerment, information, self-esteem, joy, happiness, results, and just keeping it real!” -HighSpringsNowGotA**
  • “I have told many friends about your site. I know some of them have visited and joined in the discourse. All of you are just GREAT for taking such an interest and for reaching out to all of the community. You are professional and caring at the same time. I am so glad I found you!” - Elanore8
  • “Realself truly helped me get through every stage of my surgery, from deciding, to preparing, to recovery tips, and encouragement. To all the ladies that I read your stories, thank you for sharing them. If I can help future [breast reduction] women, I would be honored to share ANY of my experiences.” - Dallas3174
  • RealSelf community“I would not be where I am now without this website. Breast cancer is pure hell, but if we can all share our experiences, it's not so scary, we know what we are facing at each and every stage.” - Jane S.
  • “Thank you very much, your team is great and you make internet a trustable place!” - Veryverysad
  • “You ladies are my hero because without your stories I guess I would have been in the same situation, so GOD bless you all!” - Tammyfaye Baker
  • “This website has been the best thing to come along with me on this journey...I'm not sure what I would have done otherwise.” - Bepy38
  • “Thank you for providing a website where we can check out others healing progress and ask them questions personally. This website is a sanity saver.” - Btowell
  • “Thank you so much for welcoming me to this wonderful site! I'm so happy I found it. I feel relieved that I can actually speak with other women who can relate. This site rocks!!!!” - Cat in New York
  • “Amazing how positive everyone's comments are...you put yourself out there 100% (pictures and all) on this site, and get nothing but great positive support and encouragement from people!” - Cutiepie2775

To our entire community: thank you for sharing your joy, sorrows, hopes, fears, and most importantly your journeys. Your willingness to share with and support each other is helping others find their path to self-love -- and we love you for it!

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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