Are Magnets the Latest Cure for Cellulite?

MakenzieR on 28 Jun 2012 at 5:00pm

Magnets are not new to the world of health and body improvement: if you’ve ever been tempted by the magnetic jewelry that “improves blood circulation,” you know what we’re talking about. Now a new device called Venus Freeze claims to combine the power of magnets with radio frequency to tighten skin and reduce both fat and cellulite.

Skeptical? We are, too, especially of the cellulite claim -- so far Cellulaze seems to be the only thing that can seriously battle cellulite (97% say it’s worth it!),  and that’s an entirely different type of procedure.

Here are the press photos provided by Venus Freeze:

Venus Freeze before and after

venus freeze before and after

venus freeze before and after

venus freeze before and after

Impressive as they may be, we always take press photos with a grain of salt. So, we dug into our community to see if anyone was talking about this treatment. The Venus Freeze is relatively new (FDA approved March 2012) and doesn’t have much buzz on RealSelf yet, but according to one lone reviewer at least part of its claims hold true.

The face and neck results were dramatically tighter and lifted,” says community member iloveredos, who had multiple treatments. “People asked me if I lost weight.”

She notes that “the arms were not as successful, but I only did one treatment.”

Another big claim Venus Freeze makes is that treatments are “pleasant, pain-free experiences.” Iloveredos backs that up, noting that “it's not painful at all, kind of like a warm massage.”

She adds: "I think this will end up replacing face lifts, but I am not sure cellulite is what it's really good for."

A few other things to note about VF, from the company:

  • Average treatment costs $600
  • Results are often seen after 3 treatments, but VF advises "that they complete the series of 6, 8 or 10 to see the full results. Patients continue to see an improvement in their skin up to three months after the series of treatments is complete."
  • Minimum treatments needed to maintain results are 4x a year

Want to see someone get a Venus Freeze treatment? This reporter does it herself, and loves it. Wish she had a side by side before and after though. (Start at 1:55)

We promise to keep you posted as we continue to learn more about this new (to the USA) treatment.

Have you tried or heard anything about Venus Freeze? Let us know in the comments.

Photos provided by Venus Freeze