Madonna was Hot at Halftime & Joan Rivers Gets Orgasms from Facelifts [Weekly Round-Up]

Princess 19 on 10 Feb 2012 at 5:00pm

It's been almost one week since the big game and people are still buzzing about that half-time show.  But, there were a few other stories that piqued our interest this week too. Most notably Joan Rivers being her unabashed self once again. Here's the buzz: 

Quick cash for cosmetic procedures

Apparently in the UK, the payday loan industry is getting into the nip/tuck business.  Payday loans are a quickie money lending venture that cashes checks  - along with a hefty fee - to be paid back on payday. These sites are now offering unsecured larger loans targeted to those seeking plastic surgery procedures without credit checks or use of collateral.  The debate is that having quick access to funds for a procedure does cosmetic surgery loansnot allow a patient to fully research their decision to undergo surgery.  On top of that, they could be stuck with a loan that triples in value over time if payments are not made.

‘I say, “If you need a loan for this, please don’t have it at all – wait and do this once you have saved up and you are totally in the right frame of mind”,’ says Rajiv Grover, president-elect of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

Reminds us of the Care Credit debate amongst U.S. plastic surgeons.

Madonna, the halftime report

A few plastic surgeons took it upon themselves to comment (because we ALL wanted to) on the current state of Madonna's face during her spectacular Super Bowl halftime show.  According to some, her previous "pillow face" is now all but gone.

"Photos we've seen of her over the years have varied from her looking like she needed surgery to looking like she's had too much," said  Dr. Terry Dubrow, a California plastic surgeon )who's married to Heather Dubrow, the newest cast member of  "The Real Housewives of Orange County").

Madonna during the Super Bowl halftime

"Recent photos may have reflected her having a bit too much filler or being weirdly over botoxed but she looks incredible now," he adds.  "She has found the perfect balance between having low body fat and just the right amount of facial filler so she doesn't look gaunt. Bravo Madonna!"

Bravo, indeed.  As we Tweeted during the show, her face and body look fab! 

Speaking of TV...

Extreme makeover, Korean-style

Let Me In Promo poster

A new Korean TV show, Let Me In (which means beauty in Korean), is causing controversy in its country due to the "over-the-top" plastic surgery makeovers done on the show.  Viewers have commented that the extremity of the makeovers are everything from immorally reprehensible to completely unnecessary.  The show grants free plastic surgery to participants who have health issues or loathe certain physical features.

The episode that caused the social media meleé?  A show that focused on a woman who received a breast augmentation because she blamed her husband's cheating on her small breasts.  

As one viewer laments, "Her breasts became abundant and her face also changed through a complete makeover. Then what? Will her mental distress disappear? Will her husband now be faithful to her?"

Probably not.  But, we bet she feels like a million bucks.

And last but not least...

Joan Rivers: You go girl 

The lovely Joan and Melissa Rivers sat down with Anderson Cooper this week for his new talk show, Anderson to promote their show, Joan And Melissa: Joan Knows Best?

We end today with Joan's lovely comments on what else, cosmetic surgery.

"If somebody feels better, I think plastic surgery's great," she said. "I like having a tight face that's pulled, 'cause every time I swallow I have an orgasm."

We couldn't agree more Joan. Whatever makes you feel good about yourself! Maybe you should chat with Jane Fonda...

Photo credit: DigitalSpy, Daily Mail, CJ E&M