Lush Bust: Worth it or Not?

Beauty Cred on 12 Mar 2008 at 10:18am

I was just recently at the NYC CEW Beauty Product Expo and had the pleasure of speaking with a marketer from Lush Bust. I say speaking, as in truth, it seemed we were passing whispers to one another about a seemingly taboo topic--bust enhancement. Regardless, I held off on trying Lush Bust as I felt it needed to be closer to bathing suit season. But curiosity has gotten the better of me. 

To start, the Lush Bust pink packaging is very retro-boudoir and with a sort of preciousness to it. But the bottle itself is hi-tech. Much the way that Patricia Wexler and Avon's Anew line have adopted packaging that's basically a cylinder inside a clear outer shell (think hydraulic cylinder and you're close), so too has Lush Bust. The formula is a serum and is touted by Lush Bust as:

a "revolutionary time release formula works within days to help strengthen the structural support matrix of the breast, volumize through enhanced nurient uptake, and protect the bust from environmental damage. The result is a more full, renewed, healthy bustline, all within weeks!"

But after I read "within weeks!", I read this:

"Use twice daily for at least 30-45 days. Effects are cumulative, and can be maintained long term by reducing application to 1x daily. Enhancement results have been observed to last for several weeks during non use, following 1 to 2 months of application."

When Lush Bust is applied, I feel a little sensation--much like the way certain Lip Plumpers feel after going on. The feeling only lasts a minute or two. Lush Bust's ingredients include Retinyl Palmitate and peptides, as well as vitamin E. And the Lush Bust scent is quite nice--a soothing floral-type one that lingers (enough that I've had someone close by say that I smell "really nice"!--and no, I didn't say, "oh! it's my Lush Bust!")

I've only just begun to explore this little beauty "booster"--only 3 days running--so we'll have to see if a) I can keep up for 30-45 days, and b) if just one bottle of Lush Bust can last that long. In the interim, here's my

QUICK TAKE: Lush Bust is definitely easy to apply and feels like it must be doing something. The product has a nice, and not overbearing at all, scent. I'm just not sure whether I'll have the discipline to keep at it for 30-45 days.

What do you think? Have you tried Lush Bust? Is it worth it? Share your Lush Bust experience!