The "Lunchtime Boob Job" - New Breasts While You're Awake

Princess 19 on 12 Jul 2011 at 12:47pm

To be awake, or not to be awake? That is the question.

Two UK plastic surgeons are performing cosmetic procedures while allowing patients to virtually be awake.

Dr. Fazel Fatah and his fellow consultant Dr. Hiroshi Nishikawa's technique utilizes a sedation and local anesthesia.  Patients are able to talk throughout a procedure AND go home within an hour.  It's becoming so popular for their breast augmentation business that it's being dubbed the "Lunchtime Boob Job." 

The Daily Mail followed Nuala McEwan, 31, as she decided to have her breasts augmented while awake.

lunchtime boob job

Throughout the procedure, McEwan joked about her hair and carried on various banter.  She reported varying degrees of dizziness as if tipsy, but no clear unpleasantness.  She went home by lunchtime.

Her reaction after a week?  Happiness.

"I don't know why anyone would have a general if it's possible to have a local. It all feels like a dream, but I've got amazing new breasts to prove that it wasn't."

U.S. doctors on RealSelf still have reservations.

breast implants before and after"Most breast augmentations are done under general anesthesia for three compelling reasons; patient comfort, long-term implant benefits of being under the muscle, and a shortened operative time (which also means lower cost)," says Indiana plastic surgeon Dr. Barry Eppley.

Being awake for any cosmetic procedure is highly dependent on the procedure AND the results/expectations of what a patient wants and needs.  As always, consultation is the key.

As for the popularity of having "eyes wide open" cosmetic surgery in the UK, according to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, "[It has not quite] caught on yet but the feedback has been very positive."

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Photo credit: 以色猎人 on flickr and Daily Mail