Get Lipo, Save Starving African Children?

MakenzieR on 1 Apr 2011 at 12:00am

The Klaxon Institute in London will take your unwanted fat and "reverse" lipo (inject) it into malnourished people in third world countries. Achieve your best you, and help others too. It's a win-win! 

Okay, this is too obviously an April Fools' joke. Wish I could say we thought of something this complex, but it comes from the people at Practical Action. They are a development charity that uses technology to "challenge poverty." 

The buzz on Twitter seems to be shock--many don't see it as satirical, merely inappropriate. But Practical Action's PR firm says this "It’s a spoof with a point, bringing to life the shortcomings of quick-fix, relief aid as opposed to the long-term, sustainable solutions Practical Action offers."

Take a look:

Are you offended? Amused? Livid? 

Not the first time someone has had a radical idea for lipo fat. Back in 2008 Forbes wrote about a Bevery Hills doctor who was turning his patient's unwanted fat into biodiesel for his SUV. Since it's illegal to use human medical waste for fuel, the doctor was investigated by the public health department. It's still unclear whether he was actually doing it, or if this was a publicity stunt. He ended up losing his medical license anyway. 

Even if it were possible, using lipo fat for biodiesel isn't practical, according to many of the RealSelf doctors.

"The fried chicken places in town generate far more grease per day than we do," says Dr. Scott Sattler, a Seattle plastic surgeon. "As our nation searches for alternatives to foreign oil, perhaps BP should talk with Ezzel's Chicken here in town"

Where does the suctioned fat go? 

"All human tissue is regarded as biological waste, and regulations require that it be disposed of according to strict guidelines," says Seattle Plastic Surgeon Dr, Richard Baxter. "You just aren't going to see it used for any purpose."

Kind of fun to hypothesize though, isn't it?