Is Breast Liposuction a Better Option for Busty Women Than Traditional Reduction?

Princess 19 on 7 Oct 2011 at 9:00am

Nearly 300,000 women enlarged their breasts in 2010*, but there are ladies out there who suffer the plight of overabundance - resulting in back pain, breast sagging, and skin irritation.  When one’s cup “runneth over,” there is a an option for reduction that won't leave the telling "lollipop scar." 

Liposuction for breast reduction is a little-discussed procedure recently covered in the UK's Daily Mail.  They say you can get similar results to traditional breast reduction without having to slice open the breast.  

"It’s similar to the technique used to remove so-called moobs [man-boobs] in men, where excess tissue means they appear to have breasts," says Dr. Puneet Gupta of London's The Private Clinic, where it is called Microlipo.

He adds that "on average, the procedure reduces the breast by three or four cup sizes."

Dr. Gupta claims that Microlipo is suitable for women with cup sizes up to F/G - but he has used it for larger sizes.

RealSelf doctors don't agree

"I feel that liposuction alone can be used only for a very small breast reduction where there is no significant sagging," says Louisville-based plastic surgeon, Dr. John Whitt.

They say that for larger-cup sized breasts, a simpler liposuction procedure would not give the same cosmetic outcome of a traditional breast reduction.  The volume would decrease, but the sagging and excess skin would still be apparent. 

To sum it up:

Breast reduction before and after

  Liposuction Reduction

Minimal incisions and scars Won't correct sagging
Less downtime Doesn't help asymmetry
Supposedly less painful Not commonly performed

Traditional Breast Reduction

Removes excess skin Larger, more visible scar
Corrects sagging Longer recovery period
Re-size stretched areola Stitches
  Possible loss of nipple sensation
  Possible loss of breast-feeding ability

The traditional method utilizes various cuts to remove breast tissue and fat – as well as (gasp) moving the actual nipple. The alternative procedure utilizes a smaller cannula, a thin metal tube normally used in liposuction.  It is inserted into the fat layer below the skin via a tiny incision near the breasts.  The surgeon literally sucks out the extra breast tissue and fat, reducing the size of the breast – just like conventional lipo.

*Based on American Society of Plastic Surgeons' 2010 statistics 
Photo credit:  Flickr By horneyslippers