Featured on ABC 20/20: RealSelf.com members speak out

T1000 on 11 Apr 2008 at 12:14pm

RealSelf.com members are featured in the investigative news program ABC 20/20, 'Lunchtime Lipo' Draws Concern from Doctors

The 20/20 story centers on the controversial and hotly debated cosmetic treatment called Lipodissolve (referred to as "Lunchtime lipo").

At RealSelf.com we're proud of members who've stepped forward to get interviewed by Deborah Roberts to describe their unanticipated side-effects from Lipodissolve.  ABC News first became aware of Lipodissolve through reporting by Allure Magazine (article "Fat Chance") which revealed that consumers from across the country were encountering serious health problems potentially associated with Lipodissolve treatments.

As it currently stands, Lipodissolve is rated "worth it" by 38% of members describing their Lipodissolve experience. 

ABC News program on lipodissolve

A teaser for the 20/20 program was also shown on Good Morning America