How to Look Like Your Favorite Celebrity Without Going Under the Knife

K. Mathews on 16 Jan 2012 at 11:00am

The Golden Globes mark the beginning of the "how to get that red carpet look" season (guilty as charged).  We've previously reported that the #1 celebrity patients ask their plastic surgeons to help them look like is Angelina Jolie.  But most people don't want to go under the knife to get there -- which is why we love these videos by makeup artist Promise Tamana Phan.

Phan shows that you don't need surgery to get a famous face -- just plain cosmetics. For those who desire Angelina's famous pout but don't want injections,  she has impressive Jolie-inspired lip liner tips.

Her looks aren't limited to famous females either. She also demonstrates how the makeup can be used to achieve a slightly more masculine look when mimicking celebs like Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber. (Hey, I said slightly more masculine.)

Check out her "how to" become Scarlett Johansson:

Whether you want to look like a star on a regular basis, hope to impress your friends at your next costume party, or are just curious how exactly she does it, you can watch dozens of Phan’s makeovers at her Youtube channel.