Lifestyle Lift Controversy on NBC

Beauty Cred on 13 Oct 2006 at 2:32pm

An NBC affiliate in San Diego recently ran a story called Women Upset With Results (along with disturbing video) that addressed dissatisfaction some women have with a popular facelift procedure called the Lifestyle Lift.

The story quotes a Philadelphia plastic surgeon named Lou Bucky saying:

the Lifestyle Lift is a procedure that was basically discarded in the 1970s because he says its gives only temporary results. Bucky thinks Lifestyle Lift might work fine for about 5 percent of patients.

This comment contrasts with the promise offered on the Lifestyle lift official website:

"remove up to 20 years in about 1 hour!" and..."The Lifestyle Liftwas developed so that men and women can look and feel younger without the trauma and downtime of extreme plastic surgery."

So where does the truth lie with the lifestyle lift?

At RealSelf we think it's up to consumers who've undergone the Lifestyle Lift and are willing to share their testimonials and satisfaction ratings. Already we're seeing dozens of Lifestyle lift reviews run from complete satisfaction to complete dissatisfaction.

If you've had a cosmetic treatment like the Lifestyle Lift, feel free to add your voice.

Alternatively, there are very active Lifestyle lift discussion boards here on