La Toya Jackson's LASIK Problem is Not a Problem

MakenzieR on 18 Apr 2011 at 9:00am

On an episode of the latest “Celebrity Apprentice,” La Toya Jackson complained of blurry vision in the morning and blamed it on her recent LASIK surgery. This caused concern for some viewers over the side effects of the highly popular procedure.

Thankfully for those considering LASIK, our ophthalmologists agree that she shouldn’t fret over the issue.

“It is not unusual to have some temporary and fluctuating blurry vision off and on for the first month after LASIK,” says Baltimore Ophthalmologist Dr. Anthony J. Kameen. “This is by no means permanent, and is usually due to either the healing response, or some transient dry eye overnight.”

Adds San Diego Ophthalmologist Dr. Sandy Feldman “There are many individuals that have dry eyes before vision correction surgery due to allergies, infections of the eyelid, inadequate eyelid hygiene, [etc]…These causes of dryness will persist or possibly worsen for a period of time after LASIK.”

But maybe Jackson shouldn’t be so quick to blame LASIK.

“It's hard to say what her problem is besides wanting to be on 'Celebrity Apprentice,'” jokes New York Ophthalmologist Dr. Emil Chynn.

LOL. Thanks, Dr. Chynn. That alone might start a “Doc Answer of the Week” award.

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