Lap-Band Surgery: 7 Things You Need To Know

Nicole Karlis on 7 May 2013 at 9:00am

Chris Christie's weight loss secret was revealed -- and it's not a fad diet, it's lap-band surgery.

Gov. Christie told the New York Post that he had the surgery in February. He reportedly weighed 300 to 350 pounds prior to the procedure and claims he's lost 40 pounds since. Lap-band surgery (85 percent Worth It rating) involves placing a silicone band around the stomach to reduce its size.

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Many who have undergone the surgery claim it's a great tool in weight loss. If you're considering the surgery -- or already have a date set -- here are some tips on what to know before you get it done from our official guide.

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#1 Do Your Research

Research how the surgery works and what you can expect, not just post-op but for the rest of your life. 

#2 Prepare Yourself Mentally

The lap-band is meant to be a permanent solution, supplemented by a strict nutritional regimen and lifestyle changes.  It is vital to prepare yourself for these changes as they are meant to last a lifetime. 

#3 Start Exercising

You must exercise regularly to lose weight and keep the weight off over time. 

#4 Change Your Eating Habits

Living with a gastric band requires a major change to your eating habits. Any changes you make pre-op will help you ease into your new life post-op.

#5 Join A Support Group

Find a support group in your area, or join an online one like the community on RealSelf here. 

#6 Set Expectations 

Having support from your social circle is an important part of lap-band surgery. Tell your family and friends about your upcoming surgery so they know what to expect ahead of time.

#7 Stock Up on Supplies

Clean out that fridge! Throw away high-calorie foods and make room for the new food you'll be eating post-op. You'll be on a liquid diet at first, so stock up on good broths, protein powders, sugar-free drinks and healthy yogurts. 

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