Lena Korres shares an ancient beauty secret

Beauty Cred on 22 Jun 2008 at 12:32am

The last time anyone asked me if I was "going Greek" had to be during my freshman year of undergrad--and it was about sororities. That wasn't my thing, but these days, going Greek usually involves food--specifically any combo of olives & feta--and now, skin care. The olive is so steeped in Greek culture that it would only be appropriate that one might look to the olive to eek out--or ooze out-Olives have long been a secret of Greek skincare rituals-skin care benefits from it as well. In its July '08 issue, Cosmopolitan shared a secret homemade recipe from Greek skincare goddess Lena Korres, founder of Korres skin care.

Ms. Korres told Cosmo, "My grandmother taught me this trick: Take a tiny amount of brown sugar, mix it with olive oil--just enough to turn it into a paste--and massage it into you face for glowing skin."

Another olive skincare secret is oily skin and providing protection against free radicals.

And my husband--a devout foodie--will not appreciate this, but that decanter of olive oil (not the one with the rosemary in it) on my kitchen counter is my backup hand smoother/cuticle softener. If you've got any olive oil secrets, tips, recipes (for skin only, thanks)--let us know!

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