Korean Beauty Queens Look The Same — But Don’t ALL Beauty Queens Look The Same?

29 Apr 2013 at 12:15pm

Photos of strikingly similar looking Korean beauty queens have stirred quite a controversy on the web, but are the Korean beauty queens any different from pageant girls in any other part of the world?

To be a beauty queen you have to have the big hair, flawless makeup, and classic good looks — enough to give A-List celebs a run for their money.

After popping up on a popular Japanese blog and then making its way to Reddit, photos of similar looking Korean pageant girls have people buzzing about how similar these girls really look — and they’ve been pointing to plastic surgery as the answer to “Why?” Some have retorted that the photos reflect nothing more than a heavy photoshop finger, that their similar features and complexions come from heavy editing rather than nip-tucking.

While South Korea has one of the highest plastic surgery rates per capita, 74 procedures per 10,000 people, we think the problem is more about what is perceived as beautiful today.

Yes, more and more Koreans are turning towards eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty to achieve a more Western look, but if you take a look at beauty queens from all around the world in different countries, they ALL still look the same. The bigger question on our minds is what makes these Korean beauty queens any different from beauty queens across the globe?

Even if all these girls did undergo similar surgeries, does that make them any different from majority of the pageant girls in the United States who get boob jobs, nose jobs, hair extensions, and fake tans to look like bleach blonde carbon copies of one another? This issue of femme-bot cloning is more than just a Korean thing, it’s a global issue. Is there really only one shade of beautiful?
We compiled pictures from three different beauty pageants in the United States, Venezuela and Australia and the results may shock you...


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