Could You Wait Six Weeks for a Kiss?

K. Mathews on 3 Aug 2011 at 9:00am

A lot of people flock to the RealSelf boards to anonymously ask how soon after certain plastic surgeries they can have sex again. Still, there are others who have slightly more innocent inquiries, such as delilah who asks, “How long after a [rhinoplasty] procedure before [I] can make-out with my boyfriend again?” 

"Slightly more innocent” because delilah may be looking forward to more than a peck on the cheek if she’s concerned about potential damage to her nose job. Oh to be a fresh-faced teenager again (in this case, an especially fresh-faced teenager, what with the new nose and all) where your only care in the world is when you get to lock lips with your boyfriend next!

nose job before and after picturesAccording to Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Zwiren, “The only specific activities to avoid are ones that place a good deal of force on the operated area. Light touch and gentle pressure will most likely not affect your procedure.”

However, Dr. Robert Freund of New York seems to pick up on delilah’s more aggressive intentions, warning that “if making out is a contact sport, then wait six weeks.”

“This is delicate tissue, and the mouth can generate a significant amount of force,” says Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Kasden. He also recommends putting off sucking face, taking an abstinence-only approach: “True love can wait.”

If only delilah had written a follow-up. Call it nose-y, but it'd be nice to know how it went… the rhinoplasty, that is!

Photo credit: Lexsi on Flickr