From Kim Kardashian to Pippa Middleton - The World's Fascination with Butts

Princess 19 on 26 Jul 2011 at 11:00am

Oh, the beauty in the booty.  That's right.  It's another informative and entertaining piece on the Today Show regarding none other than the world's fascination with the derrière.

The lovely Kathie Lee - along with chef Bobby Flay (huh?) and the editors from Glamour and Maxim magazines (because men care, too) - discuss everything from which celebs cause the booty frenzy to what can be done to achieve the perfect posterior (surgical and non-surgical).  Where was Hoda to help out?  Oh, she's out covering real news.  Darn.

Well, to add some validity to this piece is Miami-based plastic surgeon Dr. Pat Pazmino (Phew - thank goodness). 

"What's really in fashion now is a nice, full, round and natural look," says Dr. Pazmino  "Body contouring is much more popular now than it's ever been.  Nationally, we have seen about a 14% increase in requests and surgeries completed for this type of procedure."

An increase in wanting the perfect rear?  Darn you, Beyonce/Kim K/Pippa/Nicki Minaj!  

Honestly, this video is worth watching just to see how many different ways they refer to a rear end (booty, tush - oh, it never stops) and how many celeb rears they can fit in a five minute piece.  The soundtrack (we'll call it "Ode to the Butt") is priceless ("Baby Got Back" and the like).

Be entertained now - see below.

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