Would You Support Plastic Surgery for Your Child?

Princess 19 on 1 Aug 2011 at 3:11pm

Just when we thought the British mom who gave her 7-year-old a certificate for fake boobs as a birthday present was bad, we now find out the outrageousness is common in the U.S.  Yesterday on the Father Albert show, "Kids Wanting Plastic Surgery" was the subject - and you'll be shocked at what they said.

It seems eroctic novelist mom Sarah Burge isn't alone!  One pageant mom appeared on the show - along with her Barbie-esque 4-year-old daughter - defending her choice to spray tan and manicure her child.  She claims her toddler "wants" this and any future improvement she may need (i.e. plastic surgery), she would support as she is more mature and smarter than other kids her age.  Needless to say, the audience and Father Albert went bananas on her, accusing the mother of wanting this more than her daughter.  Obviously.

plastic surgery for kidsWe move on to a teenage girl who was bullied throughout middle school and high school.  Poor thing was ridiculed so much that she wants Botox and a boob job.  One look at her and it is apparent that the other teens were just jealous. 

After 10 minutes of audience "You go girl" speeches and a pep talk from a self-image author, the teenager realizes, "OK, I don't need Botox."  Phew.  Crisis (and hopefully, thousands of dollars of therapy) averted.  Boy, is her mom relieved!

Lastly, we meet 17-year-old Brooke Bates.  In 2007, she was dubbed by the press as the "Youngest Plastic Surgery Patient" having had liposuction at 12 and subsequently lap band surgery (in Mexico, no less) at 13 due to her childhood obesity.  Well, now she has grown into one insecure teenager wanting more surgery.  She has already gotten a boob job in her attempt to become a "living doll."  The family has already spent a whopping $70,000 on cosmetic procedures for her. 

Brooke wants work on her face. Her sister desperately wants her to stop.  What does her mom have to say?  Well, she's not on the show.  She's at home recovering from a cosmetic procedure.  OK...  Needless to say, Father Albert and Dr. Mike Dow (from Freaky Eaters on TLC) attempt to have a "heart to heart" with her about her desires and apparent body dysmorphic disorder.  It did not work.

We've talked about bariatric surgery for minors before and hearing about how poor Brooke had to trek to Mexico for her procedure was shocking.  But did this start her on the early downward spiral of always wanting to improve herself through surgery?   Breast augmentation for teens is on the rise as well.  But where are the parents in all this?  (Well for Brooke, she's in bed recovering from her own work...) 

What are your thoughts?

Unfortunately, you will have to wait a bit to see the full episode again as the Father Albert Show has no interactive site.  But, check out the short clip below.

Photo credit:  Father Albert Show and Blippit.com