The Kardashian Botox Plan: Experts Weigh in on Defensive Aging

Janell Williams on 18 Apr 2011 at 5:00pm

Has Kim Kardashian started another fad? An aging intervention is developing in today’s late twenty-somethings.  Rather than wait for time to etch fine lines, young women are scrapping their anti-aging, re-generating creams for Botox. No longer primarily used to wipe out pesky wrinkles, Botox is now gaining popularity as a way to avoid them--or at least keep 'em at bay a little longer.

The eldest Kardashian sister famously received Botox injections on the family's hit reality show, and drew criticism for doing it at such a young age (29 at the time). But Kim, like many young women who've done it, is pleased with the results. 

Kim Kardashian plastic surgery

RealSelf user diordibiase started Botoxright around the age thirty. "I didn't want to wait until 40 or 45 like I'd seen a lot of other women do," she says. "I cannot describe how happy I am with the results. This has already prevented a lot of the aging that happens in the 30's.”



  • "The time to start Botox is before you need it.  As your muscles continually contract and 'wrinkle' your skin over many years, the lines only seen when the muscles are contracting become lines present at rest.  Thus, if you treat (paralyze) selected muscles before these lines appear (it is normal to have them when your muscles contract), you can slow the 'aging' process, at least as it relates to fine lines on your skin." - Dr. Vincent P. Marin, San Diego Plastic Surgeon
  • "It is best to start Botox before the wrinkles develop...If you start Botox early, then you are decreasing the stress on the skin and, thus, helping to prevent wrinkles."  -- Dr. David Shafer, New York Plastic Surgeon
  • "I definitely think Botox is excellent for prevention of static lines in the brow and crow's feet." -- Dr. Matthew Bridges, Richmond Facial Plastic Surgeon
  • "Botox works best in younger patients because it reverses the trend to frown unnecessarily. Over time, you can actually re-train those over-active muscles and prevent wrinkles." -- Dr. Mary Lupo, New Orleans Dermatologist


  • "If you have no wrinkles, leave yourself alone! They will come soon enough, and I don't think you can prevent them." -- Dr. George J. Beraka, Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
  • "I don't believe you should do Botox preventively.  Your crows feet are supposed to crease when you smile...Botox works very well once you have [wrinkles] and I don't believe you gain much ground by doing it prior to actually needing it." -- Dr. Lisa Benest, Burbank Dermatologist
  • "The downside of starting injections early is that if you like the results you will need to repeat treatments every 3-4 months to maintain your appearance." -- Dr. Kelly Gallego, Iowa Plastic Surgeon
  • "Botox should not be used to prevent wrinkles but to address them." -- Dr. David A. Robinson, Indiana Plastic Surgeon

There is very little clinical documentation on the actual Botox results before and after benefits of the early use of Botox to counteract the signs of aging. But one interesting study was done in Canada. The Botox Twin Study shows twin sisters in a 13-year period where one received injections 2 to 3 times a year for the duration of the study and the other only twice; once in year 3 and again in year 7. 

Based on this isolated study, the twin with regular treatment did look younger--but at what cost? At an average of $500 for Botox twice a year, it would cost roughly $10,000 to maintain this regime for a decade.

For those who who find the price tag too hefty or simply don't want injections, Seattle Plastic Surgeon Dr. Scott Sattler recommends a more traditional routine to stave off time: 

  1. Wearing sunscreen and sunglasses when doing outdoor activities 
  2. Excellent diet and an exercise routine
  3. Drink plenty of water
  4. Use a good moisturizer on a regular basis
  5. Get adequate sleep
  6. Never, ever smoke

When the wrinkles finally arrive, find a good plastic surgeon and then talk about Botox.

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