Justin Bieber Lookalike Says He'll Continue to Get Surgery Despite Doctors' Warnings — EXCLUSIVE

Jager Weatherby on 13 Jul 2014 at 7:10pm

Mashup: Sheldon and BieberGerman-born Toby Sheldon has grabbed headlines around the globe for spending more than $100,000 to look like Justin Bieber. The 33-year-old songwriter has undergone roughly 20 plastic surgeries (hair transplants and all), all to take years off his face and become the doppelganger of his idol. (Well, when his idol was 18 years old.) “The first surgery was a marathon,” he reveals on the July 13 episode of the reality show Botched. “We did the cheeks, the temples, lifting the lips, cutting the chin, doing the liposuction, the fat injections. When I came home, my girlfriend was like, ‘What the hell did you do?!’ My girlfriend doesn’t really like Justin.”

Unfortunately for her, Toby doesn’t have any plans to put the brakes on his surgeries. He hopes to move forward with reductions on both his forehead and his jaw — procedures that could ultimately cost him his relationship. “[My girlfriend] threatened to break up with me if I do the forehead reduction surgery or anything else,” Toby says in an exclusive interview with RealSelf. “That’s why I haven’t done it yet, but I will do it. I think it’s sweet of her to like me the way I am, but it’s my money and my face.”

Botched doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow warned Toby about the risks with these reductions, especially on the jaw. “There are main branches of the facial nerve there that control lip movement,” Terry explains in the episode. “If that goes wrong, then [your mouth won’t function normally], and there’s no going back.”

Despite the risk of complication, Toby plans to get these procedures done by plastic surgeons who specialize in what he wants. “I have a doctor in Oakland who is at the forefront of doing forehead reduction surgeries [...] and my previous doctor will do the jaw reduction just like [he did] my chin. It’s not something most plastic surgeons do on a regular basis and each procedure requires a different doctor with a special skill set. [They] ultimately have my best interest in mind and would not suggest anything where the risks outweigh the benefits.”

Of course, viewers can’t help but wonder how Toby finances these procedures. The songwriter got his start in Germany and managed to parlay his song-writing talents to the United States. While his well-off friends choose to spend their money on material possessions, Toby’s collected a good deal of savings by being more modest. “Friends of mine that have that kind of money make a big down payment on a house in the [Hollywood] Hills or they get a Porsche and a Lamborghini,” he says. “I just want a nice-looking face!”

Toby Bieber Lookalike Before and After

Toby’s desire to battle the aging process has worked out in his favor. In fact, he got exactly the reaction he was looking for while Botched was filming at his house. “This guy came to the door trying to sell insulation and he actually asked me if my parents were home because I looked too young to be a homeowner,” he tells RealSelf. “[The producers] had him redo it with the cameras rolling. It wasn’t planned at all, but I hope it ends up in the final cut.” [Editor’s note: It doesn’t.]

Two people who won’t be tuning in to see Toby’s appearance on Botched are his parents, who don’t even know about his surgeries. The “old-fashioned” couple still reside in Germany and have yet to learn that their son looks completely different. “They have no idea,” says Toby, who last saw his parents in 2012, before any extensive surgery had happened. “I want to tell them in person; I wouldn’t do it over the phone. Luckily, they don’t watch much TV and don’t get American channels, so they’re safely guarded from the shock!”

His personal life seems to be a bit in the balance, but all’s well on the professional front. Not only does Toby continue to write songs for others, but (as you’ve probably seen) he even shot his own music video with fellow surgery buffs Kitty Jay and Venus D’Lite. “A lot of people like it, others hate it,” he says. “It was something fun and spontaneous. I wanted to show the world that I’m not ashamed of anything I’ve said or done. I’m having fun with all of this, even the negativity.”

If you got a chuckle out of The Plastics’ video, you might be excited to learn that more could be on the way! “We’re thinking of doing another song, but everyone has to be on board,” he adds. “The others aren’t as immune to criticism as myself, but a follow-up is in the works.”

For more info on Toby’s appearance on Botched, watch our exclusive after show with Dr. Nassif!