Joan Kron: 3 facelifts and fabulous at 80

Beauty Cred on 3 Oct 2008 at 7:41am

Every so often there's a story you really enjoy reading and want to pass along...

If you have a minute, take a look at the interview Deep Glamour did with Joan Kron. If you don't know Joan, you've probably seen her work--and I don't mean that kind of work, though she has been called "an expert on facelifts". Joan's covered fashion for The Wall Street Journal, she's written numerous articles for such names as The New York Times, and you've probably seen her columns for Allure, where she's been contributing editor-at-large covering cosmetic plastic surgery.

Some notable quotes from the interview:

Ironically, good plastic surgery is invisible.

Take it from me...almost everyone in Hollywood, TV, and politics (except possibly Madeleine Albright) has had some cosmetic enhancement--and they do it quietly and frequently.

Some say they've earned their wrinkles, but frankly I don't care to wear my emotional resume on my face.

Candid, dishy and REAL...and for 80? Let's just say I only hope I look as good...