Jill Zarin Encourages Friend to Have Work Done

Julie Clark Robinson on 25 May 2011 at 11:00am

On a recent eppy of Real Housewives of New York, newcomer Cindy Barshop ventured out to the dentist to replace her ‘choppers’.  What followed was a pretty funny exchange between gal pal (and cosmetic dentistry aficionado) Jill Zarin and Dr. Marc Lowenberg.  Whereas the doc evaluated Barshop’s teeth and offered to make them less “horsey” and more diminutive, Zarin paraphrased for her friend and promised her teeth would soon look “less Chiclety.”

Chiclet teeth

Entertaining exchange aside, it made me realize just how many options patients have when it comes to cosmetic dental procedures.  Conneticut cosmetic dentist Dr. Joseph W. Worthington advises patients to feel comfortable asking tons of questions along the way:

1. How much Experience do you have?  How many Porcelain Veneers have you done and how many years have you been doing them?

2. Are Lumineers the best for me?

3. Can you show me pictures of your work?

4. Can I talk to any of your patients about their experience?

What ensued on RHoNY was pretty much a fashion show equivalent of temporary “choppers” so that Barshop could visualize what the two people towering above her were talking about. 

In the end, one thing that Zarin said that actually made good sense was, “Do you want people to see your teeth or do you want them to see you?”

Porcelain veneers before and after

Photo Credit: Bravo TV and Crossroads-market.com