Jersey Shore's Deena and JWoww Admit to Plastic Surgery

K. Mathews on 12 Aug 2011 at 3:00pm

Between a busy schedule of GTL (gym, tan, laundry), Jersey Shore cast member Deena Cortese found time to have a nose job, and she’s not too shy to admit it. Deena, a BFF of poofed-hair icon Snooki, doesn’t consider plastic surgery something to be ashamed of, saying “more power to you” if you have work done.

If the MTV reality series is to be believed, appearance is everything on the Jersey Shore. So it’s no surprise that Deena (girl on left) has gone under the knife for rhinoplasty. But is she the only cast mate to say “shore” to plastic surgery? The gossip scene is currently abuzz with rumors that Jenni “JWoww” Farley has had some work done on her face, as well.

JWoww plastic surgery

JWoww (right) appears to have dismissed the rumors on her Twitter: “Flattered I’m the topicof tabloids. Funny what people assume when u lose weight and tone.” You may be more inclined to believe her in this instance since she doesn’t deny cosmetic enhancement altogether. On her website, she confesses to a breast augmentation, describing herself as “more than happy with the procedure results.”  Then again, there’s really no denying her boob job, given her breasts lack of subtlety.

All the same, it’s a look that others want to put on their  own chest, with RealSelf reader britta009 hoping to replicate JWoww’s breast proportions.

With all of the artificial tanning the cast undergoes, “all-natural” hardly seems like the Jersey Shore approach to life anyway. Regardless of how fake the show may seem at times, it’s admirable to see the cast getting real about what’s not real on their bodies. Maybe Mike Sorrentino will reveal that his “Situation” is the result of abdominal etching next?

Photo credits: Hollywood Life