Jergens Natural Glow Express not worth it

Beauty Cred on 10 Jun 2008 at 10:10am

Kristen Bell may be a fan of Jergens latest addition to its Natural Glow line-up of self-tanners, but I'm not and here's why...

First off, Jergens Natural Glow Express runs about a dollar more (at $7.99) than the original Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer for body, shown at lower right, and the one that won all the acclaim:

  • Women's Health & Fitness Best Beauty Buy 2006
  • Cosmetic Executive Women Beauty Insider's Choice Winner 2006
  • Redbook MVP Award 2005
  • Allure Best of Beauty Breakthrough Award 2005
  • Shape of Beauty Award from Shape Magazine 2005

Plus the original version is 7.5 oz. while the new Express version is 4 oz. So for starters, less product and more money don't usually appeal to me.

But given the claim: "a full shade of natural summer color in just three days", and the fact that it's new, I gave it a go. Here's my first impression...

Secondly, I'm no amazon woman but at about 5'9" tall, I'm estimating the amount of product in Jergens Natural Glow Express would not last much beyond the "3 days" it'll take to get that full shade of color. Part of the issue is that the Natural Glow Express formula is more of a cream than the lotiony Jergens Natural Glow original formulas, so it doesn't spread out as easily as you apply it (translation: a little does not go as long a way as the originals). And I've had to employ the 2-hand squeeze on Jergens Natural Glow Express to squeeze out product once the tube was about half-way finished. It does moisturize--I'll give it that.

The color is so-so. I did start to have some color appearing with the first application, but I would expect that given the claims Jergens makes. The odd thing is, I don't find it that much more accelerated than the original Jergens Natural Glow formulas or those of competitors like Nivea or L'Oreal.

Was it Worth it: I'd have to say no--and thanks, but I'll stick with the original Jergens Natural Glow formulas. I like the concept, and even the creamy moisturizing formula, but at this rate, I'll be buying Jergens Natural Glow Express weekly. The color looks natural and it does build over a few applications.