Janice Dickinson's Dental Implant Drama

K. Mathews on 23 May 2011 at 4:00pm

Janice Dickinson, the woman who calls herself the world’s first supermodel, lost her pair of falsies. No, not those falsies (well, perhaps those falsies, too), but a couple of false teeth. After removing the teeth while eating at a restaurant, she misplaced the napkin she put them in, prompting her to cause a scene in Sant Ambroeus, a trendy NYC establishment.

Frantically, Dickinson crawled on the floor looking for the teeth. She even enlisted the help of fellow diners to help her locate them. Dickinson admits that she’s thankful her boyfriend wasn’t there to witness the incident. I guess when you’re dating someone more than twenty years younger, you don’t want to remind them about your false teeth. 

When the teeth were finally recovered, Dickinson merely rinsed them off in the bathroom sink and put them back in her mouth to finish her meal.

Janice Dickinson loses teethTo avoid this type of drama in the future, perhaps Dickinson should consider a more permanent solution like dental implants93% of RealSelf members are happy with their dental implants. While the procedure is pricy at an average cost of $6,100, that doesn't sound too bad compared to what Dickinson paid for her false teeth. "These things are so expensive, they could feed a small village," she said. At least that explains her desperation to find them!

Photo credits: Daily Mail and Nowmagazine.co.uk

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