Jane Fonda on Plastic Surgery -- She's Not Proud of It

K. Mathews on 8 Feb 2012 at 4:00pm

Cosmetic procedures are still a "whisper topic" for many. That’s why we were so thrilled that Jane Fonda, often considered one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women, told the world that she’s had some work done.

The 74-year-old Oscar winner and fitness guru wants to be open about the fact that she removed the bags under her eyes and excess skin around her neck, and according to the rising number of reviews on RealSelf, she's not alone. 

The disturbing segment of Fonda's interview on The Rosie Show was when she stated "I'm not proud of it all --  I wish that I had not in some ways. I mean I do feel better, but I wish I was braver. I always swore that I would give a cultural face to aging -- so I'm not that brave."

Dear Jane,

What you did wasn’t about being brave, it was about self confidence. You fixed some things you didn’t like. Talking about it and announcing that you’ve changed your opinion about your "no plastic surgery vow" is brave, especially when the world is watching. We would like to give you a big virtual hug for it. You’re not alone. There are over 1.5 million people a month coming to RealSelf because they're curious about this subject. No need to whisper or be ashamed, our dear Queen of Staying in Shape

Even though Fonda always swore she “would give a cultural face to aging,” perhaps she still is doing that; but the cultural face of aging seems to have gotten a facelift.

Jane Fonda Plastic Surgery

Watch Fonda talk about her journey with Rosie O'Donnell:

Photo credit: Screen caps from Barbarella and The Rosie Show