Jaime Pressly: Young Skin is Always In

Beauty Cred on 29 Sep 2006 at 7:35pm

There are alot of things that can make a woman look younger. Rockin' body. Youthful highlights. Cosmetic surgery. A much-younger man on her arm. But more than anything else, young-looking skin makes a difference.Jaime Pressly is a hollywood ageless beauty

Look at Jaime Pressly. The laugh-out-loud co-star of "My Name is Earl" is undeniably beautiful. But as one of my friends says, she's "middle-aged hot." The problem is Jaime Pressly is only 29. Just a few years ago, she was pretty convincingly pulling off teenaged characters. So what happened?

Kate Beckinsale is another ageless beautyIt's all in the tan, man. I suspect she's "fake n' bakin'" in tanning beds to stay true to her crazy on-screen character.

But Jaime's got to keep in mind that along with her considerable talent comes the opportunity for a long-term career -- if she doesn't age herself too much too soon.

The August issue of In Style Magazine explores anti-aging techniques decade-by-decade and it's clear Jaime could take some skincare tips from her Hollywood counterparts, like Reese Witherspoon, Liv Tyler and Kate Beckinsale. Women in their late twenties and early thirties should be focusing on fending off future damage and calming inflammation from previous damage -- not creating new damage.

Based on In Style's tips, here are my suggestions for Jaime or any woman who may want to put the brakes on aging too fast:


MOISTURIZE "Serums applied twice a day hydrate the skin without clogging your pores. Olay Definity deep penetrating foaming moisturizer ($28; drugstores), an air-filled serum, delivers glucosamine [which slows brown melanin formation] in a lightweight mousse form."

PROTECT "Sun exposure exacerbates rosacea...Look for mineral sunscreens with anti-inflammatories like blue-algae extract. Sue Devitt Microquatic Blue ($28; at Sephora) also contains matrixyl, a peptide, and has a blue tint to camouflage redness."

TREAT "Soothe with lipids (which protect skin from heat, wind and hot water) and anti-irritants, like algae extract and sucrose (ingredients in Clinique Cx Redness Relief, $75). Both help reverse redness, says Kate Beckinsale's facialist Nerida Joy."

And one more thing, just in case Jaime's a realself fan. You're ridiculously talented and beautiful -- stop with the tanning and get yourself a good spray-on tan like the rest of Hollywood.