Trying out It Works Paste to remove moles

Beauty Cred on 1 Aug 2008 at 12:00am

Recently a reader mentioned a product called It Works Paste. I hadn't actually heard of it before, and admittedly it intrigued me. I'm constantly wanting to remove specks and spots from my skin--all of them benign mind you--and truthfully, none of them are glaringly obvious. But still. So I decided to be a beauty guinea pig once again, and here's my first impression...

Now, before I continue, I do not advocate taking mole removal into one's own hands. Please, please, if you have any spot, mole, skin tag, wart, whatever and you're thinking of removing it yourself--see your dermatologist first!


Before and After results with It Works Paste

itWorks Mole, Skin Tag, and Wart Removing Paste claims to be able to remove moles, skin tags and warts from skin--quickly, easily, conveniently, and pain-free--like the before/after shown at right from the It Works site. I was--and still am--a bit dubious about the process. When It Works Paste arrives via mail, it's in a little gift bag-looking package. The contents, shown above, seem a little, uhh...rudimentary. For example, there's half (yes, half) an emery board and a T-pin (yes, the type you'd use if sewing heavier fabric). These types of things come in a little plastic baggie--my would-be medical kit I suppose.

So the first thought that enters my brain is that I'm nuts. I feel like I'm doing some covert activity that'll show up on a 20/20 documentary. I look for what the heck It Works Paste is made of, and what do you know--no ingredient list. So I go to the It Works site to see the list: Cashew Nut Extract (common name), CommonFig/Ficus Carica Extract Tetterwort/chelidonium Jajus, citrus lemon, de-ionized water, talc. I figure it can't drastically harm me, and proceed.

The instructions say to wipe the area of your skin with the alcohol wipe (provided) and wipe the needle as well. Then, scrape the target area with the needle--if the target has a hardened covering (mine does not) it can inhibit the product from working. Then, apply the watery white paste--you only need a very little amount--to the area, let sit for 20 minutes, and then wipe away with a wet Q-tip.

The It Works Paste does sting a bit (I'm forewarned that this is normal and means it's working!)--but it's not an "ouch!" type of sting. After the 20 minutes, I clear away the paste. Nothing to notice yet. Just some reddening. I'm now actually on...


It's still a bit red--but minimally. The area has started to scab over--as I was told it would. And there's a slight crater-like look to it--a depression in the skin vs. any raised area that may have previously been there. And absolutely no pain.