Final Results: It Works Paste for Mole Removal

Beauty Cred on 6 Oct 2008 at 11:53am

When a reader asked about It Works Paste for mole removal, we tried it.

After 8 weeks, It Works Paste has definitely defeated the mole (which, for the record, I had my dermatologist assess in July and it was not a mole of concern). However, the scarring is not.It Works Paste results at 3 weeks

The photo at top shows how my inner arm looks today (October 6th). However, if you compare it with the photo from August 11th, at right, you won't see a huge amount of difference.

I had high hopes for It Works Paste. And I still do think my scar will lighten up and heal more over time. But...

Was it Worth it? Yes...but a reluctant yes. For two reasons. First, I don't advocate taking mole removal into your own hands--always, always talk to your doctor first. Secondly, given my own experience, the mole went away, but I'm left with a red scar mark that will take quite a bit of time to fade away.