Iranian TV Channel Bans Actors With Plastic Surgery

Jager Weatherby on 27 Jun 2014 at 1:05pm

Iranian Beauty

An Iranian TV channel in Tehran is throwing judgment at actors who have received plastic surgery by banning them from the state-run network. The decision appears to have been made to prevent surgery from becoming “contagious” among those in the public eye.

“Those actors and actresses who have undergone aesthetic surgery will be excluded from our lists,” explained Ali Akbar Mahmudi-Mahrizi, head of the channel’s film and TV department.

The recent move has hit a serious nerve with Iranian social media users, who have flocked to the internet to criticize the ban. One user condemned parliament for being more concerned with nose jobs than actual politics, while another expressed concern that the rule would lead to less airtime for the most popular actors on the channel.

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As a large percentage of the Iranian public looks up to celebrities, there’s no doubt that parliament hopes the decision will limit surgery across the board. Unfortunately for them, we have a feeling they’re going to be in for a rude awakening.

As a CBS News report suggests, Iran’s strict dress code for women has backfired in a big way. In comparison to America, where the most popular form of plastic surgery continues to be liposuction, Iranian women are especially looking to spend money on the only part of the body they’re allowed to show off.

“It’s human nature to want to seek out attention with a beautiful figure,” one woman revealed to The Guardian. “But the hijab doesn’t let you do that. We have to satisfy that instinct by displaying our ‘art’ on our faces.”

The desire to improve their appearance is not just for the famous. Iranian newspaper Etemaad reports that as many as 200,000 people, mostly women, undergo rhinoplasty each year. The number is so large, in fact, the country has been dubbed the “Nose Job Capital of the World.”

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Iranian Nose JobsUnlike other parts of the world where people attempt to hide their operation as much as they can, Iranian women flaunt it with pride. Instead of hiding in their homes until their faces have healed, these women (and even some men) openly wear “bandages of honor” to show they’ve had surgery.

Azar Nafisi, author of Reading Lolita in Tehran, attributes this trend to a lack of expression and autonomy granted to women. “They have become more fashion-conscious because they are deprived of it,” he explains. “Every woman likes to be happy, likes to look good, to feel good, and Iranians are no different.”

If the Iranian government hopes to see a decline in plastic surgery, they may need to reexamine what’s really driving these procedures. Not only are women searching for ways to express themselves through their appearance, but the pressure to find a husband seems to be a factor, as well.

“To be honest, one of the reasons I [got a nose job] was to land a man,” reveals a woman named Atefeh. “Unfortunately, I’m still on the market.”

Do you think the Iranian government has the right to put a ban on actors with plastic surgery?

Photo credit: Some rights reserved by Hamed Saber; Courtesy of Her Campus