At-Home Anti-Wrinkle Device Blends Product and Procedure

Amy Spagnola on 18 May 2011 at 11:00am

No filling out forms, long office waits or finding time to make it to the doctor. WrinkleMD Eye – Hyaluronic Filler Patch System* promises an at-home time machine for your skin.

With a claim of a 41.5% wrinkle reduction after a month, this device from University Medical Professional touts significantly younger looking skin. It offers a way to revive surface skin layers better than an anti-aging cream but less invasively than an in-office procedure.

A collaboration between scientists, engineers and dermatologists, the system addresses wrinkles by utilizing topical treatments with advanced ion-technology. In just 40 minutes, skin is (allegedly) firmed, tightened and lines and wrinkles sent packing. Ion-Inusion patches and wrinkle-superhero ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Super Peptide and Biodynes TRF offer a superior fight against the war on aging, no cape needed.

Ion-Infusion eye renewal padsSkeptical that an at-home device can give such great results? RealSelf got an exclusive interview with DC dermatologist and spokeperson Dr. Tina Alster to find out what makes this product so special.

RealSelf: Why did you agree to become the face of the WrinkleMD Eye system?
Dr. Alster: I have a keen interest in at-home devices that mirror in-office treatments. The technology in [this] was one with which I was most familiar, having applied it to the enhancement of topical anesthesia prior to various laser procedures. I loved the idea of marrying a tried-and-true medical technology with a consumer product that worked.

RealSelf: Have you tried it on yourself? What kind of results did you see?
Dr. Alster: Of course I’ve tried it! The results are remarkable in terms of reducing the appearance of lines around the eyes and providing a more youthful and rested contour. I love using it prior to a big presentation, TV appearance, or social gala.

RS: What does it feel like when you use it?
Dr. A: At first, one may feel a little tingling that transfers from one eye patch to the next. After a few minutes, one hardly notices the tingling.

RS: Can you do other things around the house or do you have to sit still?
Dr. A: I love the fact that you can multi-task while the patches are intact. I often am on the computer or holding teleconferences when having a treatment.

RS: What kind of results should women expect to see?
Dr. A: Clinical results have shown long-term improvement of 41.5% wrinkle reduction after a month of treatments. In addition, many women see dramatic results after just one 40 minute treatment.  Pretty impressive.

ion-Infusion before and after clinical results

RS: What has been "clinically proven?"
Dr. A: A 4 week clinical trial was conducted and the average wrinkle reduction around the eye area was 41.5% and even higher with some participants.

RS: This device is perfect for the woman who  _____________?
Dr. A: Wants the clinical results of in-office treatments in the privacy of her own home.

RS: How do you see this device changing the future of skincare?
Dr. A: It is the “tip of the iceberg”…I think the use of at-home devices is a trend that will continue to grow such that a greater number of different cosmetic dermatological treatments with increasingly improved clinical results will enter the home market in the years to come.

Have you already tried this product? Would you?

*Editor's note: Upon publishing, this product was known as the Ion-Infusion Eye Renewal System. University Medical has since changed it to WrinkleMD Eye -- Hyaluronic Filler Patch System. We have changed the product name within our text to help consumers currently searching for it to find this post. 

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