Instant Breast Enlargement: Can You Really Get Bigger Breasts in 20 Minutes?

Jager Weatherby on 12 Nov 2014 at 11:30pm

Vacation BoobsManhattan-based plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe has been making headlines for developing a new procedure known as the “Insta Breast.” In what takes just about 20 minutes, a saline solution is injected into the breasts, instantly enlarging them. The procedure costs between $2,500 and $3,500, and the results last for 24 hours. (Yep, that's roughly $125 per hour... some of which you're sleeping through!) After this window of time, the saline gets absorbed by the body, something Dr. Rowe says is entirely safe.

The procedure was first developed around five years ago as a way for women considering breast augmentation to determine how they would look after surgery. While this testing period is typically done using implant sizers and 3D imaging, Dr. Rowe says that sometimes these produce inaccurate representations which can lead to unrealistic expectations.

It wasn’t long before the word got out. Soon, women were requesting 24-hour enlargements for special appearances and events. The demand has become so great, Dr. Rowe is currently in the process of developing a similar method that will give patients the same results, but for up to three weeks. Rowe says this longer period is perfect for an extended vacation, when women might be looking to fill out their bikinis for more than just a day.

Rowe is currently in talks with the FDA about his new technology, and tells ABC News he expects the procedure to be available in roughly two years. While the price will depend on how popular it becomes, Rowe anticipates the cost will be even less than the “Insta Breast.” The saline-plus-additive solution — a recipe Rowe won’t fully reveal, but says is already being used by physicians for other reasons — could also be administered on men looking to pump up their pecs and calves.

Other surgeons around the country have been using this method in various parts of the body, including the chin, cheeks, and lips. “I occasionally inject saline in a lip or the midface to demonstrate what a filler result looks like,” Seattle plastic surgeon Dr. David Stephens tell us.

While Rowe says the only side effect he’s seen with this procedure is occasional bruising, other plastic surgeons have warned of using this method for anything other than its original intent.

“While the saline itself is not dangerous to your body, injecting it directly into the breast tissue is painful, could result in infection, and has the potential to stretch your tissue,” says Dr. Mary Lee Peters, another Seattle-based plastic surgeon. With deep injections, there’s also the risk of hitting a blood vessel and forming a hematoma.

As with any procedure, it’s important to weigh the benefits versus the risks. We must also remember that any long-term side effects for this procedure in particular aren’t known yet.

If you’re hoping for a breast enlargement but are uncomfortable with the idea of implants, Dr. Peters offers a safe, natural, and potentially more cost-effective alternative: fat transfer. Heck, you even get a little liposuction in the process.