Identical Twin Gets Nose Job Because She Doesn't Like Looking at Sister's Nose

MakenzieR on 28 Jul 2012 at 8:00am

twin plastic surgeryMost of us judge our own appearance by what we see reflected in the mirror -- though we all know that can be misleading. Heck, I've got a "favorite" mirror because it makes me look slimmer than the others! But, what if you could see yourself from another person's point of view? 

RealSelf community member electric is one of few people who's had that chance -- and she didn't like what she saw.

"I have an identical twin sister," she writes in her RealSelf review. "This means I get to see my nose all. the. time. Not an experience most people have. I actually don't know if I would be getting [a nose job] if I wasn't so familiar with how the nose looks."

Her sister felt completely opposite. She got her identical nose pierced, which will draw more attention to it.

They may not look exactly the same now, but electric's twin still serves as a reflection of sorts -- she's like real-life "before" photo. She was gone for a few weeks during and after electric's surgery, and when she returned electric said it was "kinda weird seeing 'my' old nose again on her."

Four weeks post rhinoplasty, electric is still happy with her decision. She writes: "I'm loving my new nose and feel very good about it."

Twin or not, nose jobs often mean changing something that runs in the family -- would be comfortable erasing that piece of your heritage?

Photo credit: StylePics/Deposit Photos