"Hunger Games" Inspired Skin Tinting Is Finally a Reality

MakenzieR on 1 Apr 2012 at 6:00am

The Hunger Games movie has inspired a number of fashion items, from workout wear to jewelry to nail polish. But as much as high fashion plays a part in The Capitol lifestyle, so does plastic surgery and body modification.

It’s not too surprising then that a few medi-spas and beauty salons are offering another Hunger Games themed makeover -- body tinting.

Though not portrayed in the movie, fans of the books know that some Capitol residents have their skin tinted in trendy colors. And now for about $200, you can get your skin dyed, too. It’s supposed to last up to a week.

Check out the after effects:

Hunger Games capitol

Hunger Games characters

Hunger Games fanfiction


Alright, I know you weren’t really falling for that. But since HG makeup artist Ve Neill has said the tinted skin “was just too garish” when tested for the film, now you can see what she meant.

Happy Hunger Games April Fool’s Day!

Do you think we’ll ever see a time where skin tinting is in? Or is it too "Wicked Witch of the West?"

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