Overwhelmed By Information For Your RealSelf Review? 3 Tips to Help You Start Writing

Elisabeth Kramer on 11 Nov 2014 at 5:00pm

Navigate Your BeautyRead what feels like hundreds of reviews on RealSelf? Finally ready to dive into the conversation? That can be a big, scary leap to make but it’s one that we hear time and again is totally worth the jump.

“At first it seemed weird to share such intimate feelings with complete strangers, but we’re all going through the same thing,”  one RealFriend told us about her decision to begin reviewing. “It’s nice to know we aren’t alone in our thoughts.”

By providing a safe social network to share your beauty journey, RealSelf aims to give you a space to both learn from others and impart your own knowledge in realizing the best version of yourself. Our community is based on trust and transparency and when you do take that dive into the world of reviewing, we want you to feel ready.

So how to go from lurker to author? One user said that in her experience it comes down to paying it forward. “I think I read every single review multiple times,” she wrote. “I so much appreciated the detailed experiences of all the ladies, so I will try to give as much info as possible.”

Sharing so much information can seem an impossible task when you’re already overwhelmed with, well, life. To help you get started, we here at RealSelf have rounded up three tools to keep in your back pocket.

It’s all in the details — and that means pictures and videos!

We’re detail-obsessed here at RealSelf, which means the most helpful of reviews are typically chock-full of specifics. We’re talking the doctor’s name, your procedure(s), whether you’ve had kids, your age, weight, height, ethnicity, etc.

If it seems intimidating to share that level of personal detail — and we totally understand why it might! — think back to that one review (or two) that seemed to speak directly to you during the early days of your own journey. You can provide that level of insight to a fellow RealSelfer as she wades through the difficult decisions and conundrums you’ve already conquered.

One of the most helpful ways to share your journey is to document it. “Whether it’s a positive or negative review, the before and after pics sometimes speak louder than any written words,” says RealSelf EVP of the Doctor Community Maureen Ezekwugo. That goes for video, too. Nothing helps someone figure out how to body wrap themselves more than to  see it in action, for example. Plus, photos and video can help provide the inspiration you need to get the words flowing.

Share the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

RealSelf reviews can make a big difference in someone’s decision-making process so, while it might seem obvious to say, the more you share about your own journey, the more educated decisions your RealSelf family can make.

“Show the good, the bad, and the everything in between,” recommends RealSelf VP of Community Alicia Nakamoto. “That includes details on different stages of the process so your fellow RealSelfers can set their own expectations when it comes to recovery time, pain level, etc.”

Don’t feel you have to wait to tell your story either! RealSelfers are encouraged to begin reviewing from the moment they begin their journey. There’s no need to wait until after you’ve completed your surgery to share your thoughts on the process.

Beyond helping others, there’s an extra benefit to this kind of sharing. More often than not, what you put out is what you get back. “The level of support you get from the RealSelf community really depends on how much you’re willing to share,” Nakamoto explains. “By sharing your story, you’ll have invested followers who want to build relationships and a real life support network.”

Call in the Community Managers!

Still stymied by where to begin? Our team of Community Managers are here to help! They’ve been there, done that, and want to help usher other RealSelfers on their way. These aces can answer your questions about the world of RealSelf and, if you’re interested, provide suggestions on how to amp up your engagement from readers. 

Reach out to this online support system whenever you’re in need of guidance or inspiration. You’ll see the title “Community Manager” next to these RealSelfers, and don’t hesitate to shoot them a message. They’re there to help you help yourself and others.

Embarking on your plastic surgery can be stressful and sharing your story might seem like the last thing you want to do. But if you decide to add your voice to the conversation, RealSelfer after RealSelfer tells us you’ll never regret the decision. “I have been stalking this website for the past couple of weeks and have finally mustered up enough courage to post something!” RealSelfer Covergirl 0794 wrote. “I’m so grateful that this site exists. I’ve gained so much knowledge following others stories and I’m so looking forward to posting my own journey!”

We can’t wait to hear your story.

Photo credit: Courtesy of kayzed2345