Cardio or CoolSculpting? How To Get A Smaller Waistline

31 Oct 2013 at 9:00am

sophia vergara red dress silm waistline
By Kristin Harris
Unlike the celebrated supermodels, we’re not all fortunate enough to have a naturally tiny waistline. But just because a Beyonce bod wasn’t in your genetic cards, doesn’t mean you can’t fake (or permanently fix) your way to one.

Fitness Fix

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Certified fitness expert Kyle Clarke suggests a combination of both diet and fitness changes to get a smaller waistline.
“I believe it takes a combination of a few things to shrink your waistline. The best tips I can give you are to cut alcohol and simple sugars from your diet, add sprints into your cardio sessions, and spend 15 minutes a day on abdominal exercises like roman twists and bicycles."
Says Kyle, "This combination will strengthen your core, eliminate body fat, prevent additional fat from being stored in your midsection, and ultimately, shrink your waistline.”

Fashion Fix

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If you don’t have weeks to put into the gym and are looking for a quick solution, you can always create an illusion with strategic wardrobe choices.
I consulted New York Wardrobe Consultant Erika Chloe for her stylish advice.
“To create the illusion of a smaller waistline, try a dress style that has design details, color-blocking or patterns around the high waist or torso area. For this to be effective, the dress style has to be fitted -- and the details need to be hugging the outside of the body or the waist." 
"This will in fact make your body appear more like an hourglass shape, by creating curves around the silhouette of the body. With an hourglass shape, the waistline instantly appears slimmer,” says Erika.
women in color blocked fashion for slimmer waistline
“One can also try a tea-length style dress to create the illusion of longer legs and a high waistline. Making the body appear longer, instantly elongates your figure and makes the waist look smaller.  For hourglass shapes, try a fitted style. And for apple and pear shapes, try an A-line style in a flowing, lightweight fabric with a belt at the high waist.“
women in tea length and a line fashion for slimmer waistline

Full-On Fix

woman getting coolsculpting procedure for slimmer waistline
If putting in time for a strenuous diet and fitness plan doesn’t fit into your schedule, and you want a more permanent fix, a medical procedure is your best bet.
Dr. Amy Taub suggests a few medical procedures that will have your waistline smaller in no time: “Reshaping the abdomen is actually something that can be accomplished today without surgery. We start with CoolSculpting [pictured above]; we can do the upper and lower abdomen as well as the flanks. That alone, will trim and narrow the entire torso."
"But to further improve shaping, contour and to help with any lax skin, we will follow with either the Velashape, the Apollo or the Trusculpt. For just tightening of the skin, we prefer the Apollo.  But if there are any skin ripples or irregularity of surface, we usually employ the Velashape and then Trusculpt can finish off a pocket of fat that is too small for the CoolSculpt device,” says Dr. Taub.
The FDA-approved, non-surgical CoolSculpting uses precisely controlled cooling to destroy fat cells, thereby eliminating unwanted fat. The RealSelf community gives it a 71% Worth It Rating
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