Hillary Clinton and Her Skin

Beauty Cred on 19 Feb 2008 at 6:15am

Can't help but look at Hillary Clinton a lot lately; she is all over the news. Here are some of my observations:

1) She's gaining weight on the campaign trail. They are trying to minimize this by putting her in these single-color pants suits, but it's definitely true.  I feel empathy with her; she's a little younger than I am, and I have the same problem. Don't know why it happens, but that waistline vanishes.

2) She looks like she has had a cheek implant.  Her cheeks don't really look natural. Her skin, however, looks healthy.  She says she eats a lot of water and hot peppers. All that is code for proper elimination.

3) Although I speculate about the cheek implant, it's unlikely, because the thing she really needs is eyelid surgery, and clearly she hasn't had that yet. So my thought is that she doesn't have time for much consideration of her face.

4) Or she doesn't think looking a little more time-tested is a bad thing in a presidential candidate.

She has definitely abandoned all efforts to look like an alluring woman, and concentrated on trying to look like a business-like woman. She looks like women looked when they first entered the workforce. The suit with the little bow. Fortunately, the press has not concentrated on her appearance, but (correctly) on her substance.

On the other hand, there is a natural attractiveness to women that might help her on the campaign trail if she let it through. She seems determined to look and act like a man while talking like a woman. That produces a strange cognitive dissonance for people who follow her.

I know these comments are controversial.  Any comments out there from people who think I'm all wet?