20 Highest Rated Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

mellieb on 11 Nov 2009 at 2:53pm

There is no return policy in cosmetic surgery
. Unlike a bad purchase decision during your last vacation or misguided selection of a restaurant for your date night out, you can very rarely brush off a bad cosmetic treatment experience and hope for better luck next time.

The cosmetic changes we pursue from plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and dentists are designed to be long-lasting; and that's a good thing because many procedures are expensive, involve recovery time, and carry some inherent risks. Of course, the ultimate downside and fear is the botched job. Done wrong, you physical appearance may be permanently altered in an unfavorable way.

RealSelf.com has designed its community around reducing the unknown by empowering people to openly share their unbiased opinion and experiences with a cosmetic treatment.

Latisse Latisse is the #1 rated treatment by the RealSelf community
As we announced today, the ratings of cosmetic treatments identified some clear leaders (and, inevitably, some laggards). The 20 highest rated, with ratings being those treatment called "Worth It", may surprise you — many of the top-rated are invasive procedures that are expensive and painful, but the results provide a high degree of satisfaction.

The Top 20
  1. Latisse
  2. Tummy tuck
  3. Breast reduction
  4. Facelift
  5. Lasik
  6. Invisalign
  7. Breast implants
  8. Photofacial
  9. Laser hair removal
  10. Smart Lipo
  11. Vaser Liposuction
  12. Rhinoplasty
  13. Perlane
  14. Eyelid surgery
  15. Permanent makeup
  16. Botox
  17. Breast lift
  18. Revision rhinoplasty
  19. Liposuction
  20. Microdermabrasion

Now that close to half of U.S. online adults read ratings and reviews at least once a month (Forrester, October 2008), the RealSelf team is excited to provide a new view and the real story about a cosmetic procedure.