Heidi Montag: Foolish or Smart by Having Many Surgeries at Once?

WriterMama on 25 Jul 2012 at 11:00am

Heidi Montag plastic surgery

In 2010, reality television star Heidi Montag made headlines when she underwent 10 plastic surgery procedures in a single day. Over a 10-hour period, Heidi had a mini brow lift, Botox, a nose job revision, fat injections in her cheeks, neck liposuction, a chin reduction, otoplasty, breast augmentation revision, buttock augmentation, and lipo in the waist, hip, and thigh.

One surgery of any kind poses its own health risks, so we were curious: is it safe to have all that surgery at once?

Real people undergoing simultaneous surgeries

Heidi Montag's surgical marathon can seem somewhat shocking, but is not all that surprising to our community.

Many not-so-famous women undergo multi-surgeries. In fact, a multi-procedure surgery is now frequently marketed as one: the Mommy Makeover. This single-day surgical combo usually entails some combination of breast lift, breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, and thigh sculpting. Recently, women have also been adding in Brazilian butt lifts.

To date, 99% of nearly 800 RealSelf reviewers say their Mommy Makeover was worth it -- tough recovery and all. 

Doctors say...

mommy makeover before and after

When asked whether multiple procedures are safe or advisable, most plastic surgeons agree that it depends.

Mommy makeovers are a generally accepted practice. Additionally, other types of combined surgeries are possible—for example, some facial procedures can be performed together, or you can combine facial and breast procedures.

“In general, it's fine to do multiple procedures at the same time—but you need to have a detailed discussion with your surgeon as to the details of the procedure, how long it will take, recovery, etc.,” says plastic surgeon Dr. Shahram Salemy. He also cautions, “Some patients are better candidates than others, and the plan needs to be individualized to the patient.”

Other doctors take a more cautious, but still flexible, approach. Facial plastic surgeon Dr. William Portuese states: “It is probably a good idea not to perform more than approximately three operations at one session. The surgical operations should probably not last past five to six hours so as to minimize any postoperative complications.”

Conclusion: It's (probably) okay

Barring 10-hour, Heidi-esque sessions under the knife, multiple plastic surgery procedures are not only possible, but sometimes recommended to save money and combine recovery periods.

However, it's important to discuss all of the procedures with your plastic surgeon and make logical decisions—because if you get a Brazilian butt lift and breast augmentation at the same time, finding a comfortable sleeping position could be virtually impossible.

Would you want to have multiple surgeries at once, or spread them out so each recovery is easier?

Photo credit: People magazine