Skip Heidi Klum's In An Instant--it's all show and no tell

Beauty Cred on 11 Jul 2008 at 12:00am

There's plenty of buzz about In An Instant and Heidi Klum herself has been singing her skincare line's praises. But what's so great about In An Instant products? Some readers simply wonder where to buy In An Instant.

Ms. Klum revealed little in her interview with BellaSugar, saying:

"You get immediate results. My favorite product is the Instant Wrinkle Smoother. You just apply it to any lines on your face and they instantly disappear — it’s incredible."

Thanks Heidi, that was really unhelpful.  The In An Instant skincare line includes the following products...

Heidi Klum's In An Instant Line is a lot of show and no tell

  1. Gentle Foaming Cleanser
  2. Intensive Firming Serum
  3. Instant Wrinkle Smoother
  4. Intant Daily Tinted Moisturizer
  5. Instant Warming Scrub

I would've provided links, of course, but there's nothing to link to.

If you do go to Ms. Klum's In An Instant website (which, by the way, the skincare line is in partnership with Guthy-Renker who seemed to have more of their act together with Cindy Crawford's Meaningful Beauty line)--you'll find some pretty pack pricing to entice you to buy the regimen--but WHERE'S THE INFORMATION? This may go down as one of the worst launches I've seen--ever.

I don't blame Ms. Klum--she's never said she was a manufacturing, marketing, supply chain or merchandising wiz. But I'm certainly not shelling any money out for something with zero info on it.

Final note: don't think I haven't already reached out to the company. I did. But when I went to submit my query, I kept getting error messages for no reason. I guess my error was in trying period.

If you've purchased In An Instant, let everyone know what you think! 

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