Hawaii Aims to Become Medical Tourism Destination

K. Mathews on 16 Nov 2011 at 3:00pm

Feel like you need a better body before putting on a bathing suit again? Perhaps you can take care of that AT the beach. That’s a service plastic surgeons in Hawaii are aiming to provide anyway.   

Destination plastic surgery is hardly a new concept. As previously reported, places like Taiwan and South Korea have also marketed themselves to attract tourists looking for a little nip/tuck with their R&R.

But Hawaii may have a leg up on these places, given the American medical regulations the facilities must follow. People already flock to U.S. doctors because of their reputable credentials and safety standards, so the goal is to cater to patients who would enjoy a full-service cosmetic surgery getaway with the regulations of the US government. 

medical tourism to Hawaii

Because the state is 2,000 miles from the United States mainland, Hawaiian plastic surgery offices are obviously the primary choice of locals. Attracting outsiders, however, is harder, especially given the costs, and not just for travel. It is pricy to have all of the latest technologies, which are necessary to provide patients with the best treatment, shipped to Hawaii, and these extra costs are reflected in the prices of surgeries.

So then, what’s a Hawaiian plastic surgeon to do? Tap into the same assets that attract millions of tourists to visit Hawaii every day: incredible vacations. They hope to provide all-inclusive packages for their patients. In addition to receiving cosmetic surgeries, medical tourists will stay in luxurious private accommodations furnished by Hawaii Plastic Surgery Associates. After all, if you’re going to be resting for a while during recovery, why not do it beside the ocean? Doctors will also drop by for “house calls” to follow up with their patients post-op in the comfort of their bungalows.

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Would you fly to Hawaii for a cosmetic procedure? How about to another country? 

Photo Credit: mydochub.com; The Costa Rica News