Looking great, no airbrushing needed

Maureen Francisco on 9 Sep 2010 at 5:41pm

Quick....How old is this woman? 20? 25? 30?

If I told you she's closing in on 40 (ok, she's 39) and a mother of two you'd probably accuse us for airbrushing. I recently met Samantha Hoang, the woman pictured, and assure you she's a true natural beauty.

Who:  Samantha is the director of the Miss Vietnam Washington Organization. Director of Miss Vietnam Washington, Samantha Hoang

Her secret: How is Samantha beating the clock?

  • "I eat small meals, often. I have two meals a day (breakfast and dinner) and decent healthy snacks all day. Low carb is the key, but not no carb."  
  • "I have never smoked nor drink alchohol. I seldom drink cofee and juice. I drink water."
  • "I've used eye cream since I was in my mid 20s."

Thoughts on cosmetic surgery: Being a role model to young ladies, Samantha wants girls to think twice before going under the knife. Samantha hasn't had any elective surgeries.

  • "I would consider elective surgery in my 50s. I think growing old gracefully is a beautiful thing . . . with a little help would just make it easier." 
  • "I think some women just over do it with elective surgeries and that is where things can go wrong. Which brings me back to my philosophy of moderation is the key healthy living." 
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