WATCH: 5 Great Ads to Help Save the Ta-Tas

Julie Clark Robinson on 13 May 2011 at 7:00am

Breast cancer awareness month isn’t until October, but with so much attention being paid to the lovely Pippa Middleton’s bikini top malfunction we figured there’s no time like the present to create a little mid-year awareness for a worthy cause. 

Since breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in women aged 20-49, advertisers occasionally decide to lighten up in order to capture the attention of a younger audience. 

Here are 5 of our favorite breast cancer awareness ads:

1. “If men had beasts they’d really appreciate them.”

2. “Save the boobs.”

3. “Two girlfriends”

4. “Let Cam do your breast exam.”

5. “Bring breast awareness back to the workplace.”

I’m going to give it to #3.  It’s not necessarily funny, but it brings a whole new point-of-view to the sisterhood of breasts, if you will. 

Which is your favorite?