Why Women Are Gaining Weight To Go Under The Knife

Nicole Karlis on 21 Mar 2013 at 9:00am

For some bootylicious babes, gaining weight is a small price to pay for the perfect behind.

With the Brazilian butt lift increasing in popularity —  so are the pounds.

Gaining weight in preparation for a BBL may seem counterintuitive, but some doctors say it’s necessary to get the best results — and some patients are indulging in some crazy, calorie-packed diets because of it.

“You need to be at least 20 lbs above your body weight in order to have enough fat [if you don't already], pure fat to inject into the bottom. I typically ask that you gain the weight before surgery,” says Dr. Wilberto Cortes. “I recommend that you drink a lot of high-calorie shakes, it’s not the amount that you eat – just the amount of calories you ingest.”

And the same goes in Dr. Andrew Jimerson’s office.

“If they’re willing to gain weight, we encourage them to gain weight,” says Aziza Jimerson, Dr. J’s sister and a Patient Care Coordinator at Advanced Plastic Surgery Solutions.

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