Gadhafi Led "Plastic Surgery for Job Security" Trend

Julie Clark Robinson on 6 May 2011 at 12:00am

 What do Kenny Rogers, Sylvester Stallone and Moammar Gaddafi have in common?  Well, unless Gaddafi took the stage with Dolly Parton that I’ve not heard about, it’s the fact that they’ve all said yes to getting some work done in the name of job security. 

Apparently the Libyan leader contacted Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr. Liacyr Ribeiro in 1995 because he didn’t want his young “constituents” to see him as an old man.  A few fat grafts and hair plugs later, viola!, his worries were over.  Well, not quite... But hey, according to the good doctor, he’s not called back for any touch-ups.  Busy much?

Trend-watcher (and real-life Don Draper) Donny Deutsch rebukes the conventional wisdom that employers are more likely to hire good-looking people.  He told an NBC reporter that he still opts in the distinguished Gaddafi and his plastic surgeongray look over anything artificial.  “As someone who has hired thousands of people, clearly someone’s overall attitude and vitality matters. I would hire a guy that had wrinkles on his face but seems active and vital versus someone with a tight face and lethargic,” said Deutsch. 

So look alive guys.  If doing away with the comb-over or some laugh lines from too many episodes of Big Bang Theory gives you a confidence boost, go for it.  Plastic surgery may indirectly help you to stand a little taller or look someone smack in eye as you give your best manshake, but it’s likely what you do after you clock in that is directly proportionate to your paycheck. Donny Deutsch

Do you think looking younger helps you in the job market?

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